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How To Improve Your Manga Art Skills… Fast

If you’re obsessed with Manga and you want to use your art skills to create graphic comics that are just like the ones made in Japan, becoming familiar with Manga art techniques (and drawing a lot) will be important. You will be able to hone your art skills quickly, as long as you follow some practical tips. It’s possible to build a successful career in the Manga niche if you have dedication, passion, and the capacity to bring your vision to life on the printed page. These tips will make it simpler for you to achieve your potential as a comic book artist.

Read plenty of Manga

You may do this already because you love Manga. If you don’t, you should, because reading Manga past and present is key to getting a handle on what your own personal style looks like. There are artists within the genre who really stand out, including Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda. They stand out because they bring something special to their work. Study the style of artists like Toriyama, who is known for defining muscles to show his knowledge of anatomy, and check out artists like Oda, who has a penchant for drawing simple facial features. Analyze their styles, and then try to draw the way that they do. Once you can emulate existing styles, you’ll be set up to incorporate your own unique twists. 

Gain access to Manga works however you can, from finding Manga in libraries to buying your own books. Another option is finding a subscription box service. Signing up for this type of service will ensure that you receive Manga books regularly, without needing to locate well-stocked stores. Subscriptions box services are on the rise, and they can give you access to Manga you don’t yet know of, or other collections of relevant books, such as books with an art focus. When you develop a deep knowledge of Manga (and art in general), that knowledge will come through in your own work, so never stop reading and learning.

Some Manga books can be difficult to find, so you may need to do a little hunting online to find out-of-print Manga. You can also look for Manga fans in your own community, and ask to trade books. One bonus of connecting with other local fans is that you will be able to talk about Manga with one another, and discuss techniques you’re working on.

Draw every single day

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To bring your vision for Manga drawings to fruition without being disappointed in the results, be sure to draw every single day. Practicing is all-important, and the most brilliant Manga artists have typically put in thousands of hours (or more) to get where they are in their careers. They’ve earned respect through their painstaking attention to detail.

Prepare to work hard. If your hard work doesn’t seem to be paying off, consider taking art classes in your community. Learning in a group setting may be the key to mastering new Manga techniques, or general art techniques that help you to get better at your craft.

Use the right supplies

To master skills fast, purchase fountain pens, cartridges, and flex nibs. Draw in a hardbound sketchbook. Number 2 pencils are good choices for creating light outlines that you can then darken with fountain pen ink. Draw and darken your outlines. Then use different hues for shading.

Manga artists take fans into other worlds that are filled with action, adventure and excitement: by learning from the masters, you too can perfect your Manga skills.

Article submitted by Freelance Writer Jane Hiddlestone

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