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The Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Is Amazing

It really sucks that June 5th, 2020 is still six months away because the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer was absolutely incredible!

Believe me, I figured Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins would deliver like Domino’s but now that I’ve watched the preview a couple of times I can honestly say that all of my expectations have been exceeded.

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See for yourself… and no, that is not Orgy’s cover of “Blue Monday” playing in the background… it’s a better cover.

Aside from swapping the dark, dreary landscape of World War I for the vibrant, cocaine laced utopia of the 1980’s, the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer offers us a little insight into the movie’s key plot points.

For starters, we get to see a couple glimpses of the forces our heroine will face. Based on what’s featured in the above footage I’m seeing two adversaries; Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Max Lord (Pedro Pascal). Since Max Lord’s metahuman abilities center on mind control, I highly doubt he’ll be battling Diana during the big third act fight scene. So expect him to be more of a Lex Luthor bad guy behind the scenes type role and Wiig’ll be more of the primary antagonist. I just hope one of them doesn’t turn into a giant armored God monster.

As Wonder Woman established the female led superhero franchise, it was the last hurrah for these final fight sequences where the the good person throws the bad person a really far distance. Then the villain retorts by throwing the hero an even farther distance, and through ten walls.

Another big reveal was the return of Steve Trevor… you can get lost in those eyes. This should hopefully be explained quickly and clearly. I’m down for a second shot of Chris Pine. His performance in the first one reminded me how good of an actor he can be. However, the only way this plot point will work is through believability and pay off.

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At this moment in time I’m unable to determine our protagonist’s character arc. Wonder Woman capitalized brilliantly on an obvious fish out of water story as Diana was introduced to world beyond her own. Now that she’s been amongst humanity for a while, I can’t determine the direction she is headed as an individual. I know most of you are going to the theater for cool explosions and stuff but if the sequel intends to recapture the magic of its predecessor, the audience is going to have to make a connection to Diana’s personal journey.

However, it’s a superhero movie, so of course there will be explosions, giant bolts of lightning, and enough quick cuts to fill a swimming pool. The trailer does an excellent job of giving us tiny samples of what we’ll see next summer without giving away too much. Sometimes you see the whole movie in the preview; remember the new Power Rangers? Revealing the Mega-Zord before the movie comes out? Shame on you. I do think Jenkins and company have tons left to show us which is all the more reason to get excited.

Granted June 5th, 2020 is a ways away but Joker comes out on DVD on January 7th, Birds Of Prey in February, March sucks, Rage Against The Machine gets back together in April, then we’ll have a couple weeks to go. Believe me, it’s easier said than done.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- YouTube/Warner Brothers

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