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Get Your Very Own Mandalorian Helmet

Since The Mandalorian came out everyone has been rushing to find merchandise for it. Unfortunately those Baby Yoda dolls won’t come out for a while but you’ll want to be ready when they do. And you can do that by slowly building up your own set of armor to cosplay the Mandalorian.

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MiGranStudio on Etsy is now selling a 1:1 replica of the helmet that you can wear or display. It comes with foam padding on the inside and the visor while dark also is really clear to see out of according to one buyer.

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“The helmet is absolutely gorgeous! Well worth the wait and the price. Fits me perfectly and with foam padding for comfort. The visor is soft plastic sheet but held up the shape pretty well, it looks dark on the outside but it’s clear as day on the inside. Very satisfied with the purchase, thank you again.”

The helmet is selling for $202 which is not bad for a cosplay piece you can wear over and over again. You have the option of buying the full helmet already completed($202) or getting a helmet kit you can build yourself($165). If you are confident in your building skills then you can go the cheaper route. Personally, I prefer it to be ready to wear when it gets here. Check out MiGranStudio’s reviews by following the link here.

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