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The Trailer For ‘Mulan’ is Here and Has “Reflection” in the Movie Score

The trailer for Mulan just came out and it looks amazing. From the moments shown to us in the trailer to the narration over it, nothing seems to have slipped through the cracks.

At first when we heard that it would not have the original music from the 1990’s cartoon version more than a few people were upset. But it looks like they didn’t abandon it all together. You can hear “Reflection” in the cinematic score of the trailer so if they also do that with “I’ll make a man out of you” then that should suffice for fans of the original.

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Also the choice to not include Mushu seems to be a good one. It comes across much more seriously and adventure driven. There may be some comedic moments but this now feels like a samurai(feels like not is*) or a wuxia film with more tension and more at stake.

Mulan comes out March 27th 2020

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