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[Spoiler] Dies In The Season 2 Finale Of Titans

Titans vs Titans, Deathstroke, Cadmus and more ?

It’s the season finale of Titans and the stakes have never been higher ! Will the team finally come together or will they fall apart at the finale hour ? Let’s get into it.

Episode Recap ( Spoilers )

Nightwing and Ravager Take on Deathstroke

Cadmus’s Phase 2 goes into effect, as they have garfield attack a carnival while sending in superboy – with said event being broadcasted to potential buyers of the brainwashed conner.

While the Donna, Dawn, Rachel, and Koriand’r make their way towards stop Cadmus, Deathstroke ambushes them. Dick then shows up, wearing his Nightwing armor, and fights him. Rose, also in costume, arrives and helps in the fight- ultimately delivering the killing blow to her father and allowing Jerhico to jump from him to her.

The group then proceeds to the carnival where Rachel is able to get past Garfields programming, which after rescuing him she helps Dick( after th group fights him for a bit ) go into Conners mind and break him out as well.

The remaining carnival goers start to praise the Titans, but an electrified beam falls on the crowd. Donna Troy catches it and saves Dawn and the civilians at the cost of her own life.

Rachel leaves to Themescurya with the amazons, while the rest of the team stays and officially reform the teen titans. The last scene shows starefire sister blackford, taking control of a human body and starting the hunt for her sister.

The Episode Overall

Nightwing with Wondergirl, moments after her death.

Donna Troy will be missed ; not necessarily because of her portrayal on the show but moreso because of the possibility of what could’ve been. Most of her spotlight moments are tied with other characters, and any of the fights she was in either underutilized her skills and/or portrayed weaker abilities than those in the comic source material.

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Because of the large cast, the plot casts it focus on other characters which was really stunting towards any onscreen development for the character.

So her death, an endcap to the season and motivator for the team reformation, was moreso in service towards everyone else rather than the character. Donna Troy will be missed, for she could’ve been so much more.

Dicks transformation into nightwing is a thematic crux of the season- intersecting with the new teams formation and what it means to be a hero. And while Graysons entire journey has been leading to this, the moments just felt flat.

While it was great to see the character seek redemption, and allow himself to forgive his former actions, the buildup took so long that it didn’t have as heavy an impact as it could’ve.

The Deathstroke fight ended under the 15 minute mark, which felt awkward because he was the main villain of the season. The fight itself was a bit too quick, albeit visually interesting with the Ravanger double team.

The saving of Garfield and Superboy was great, with Rachel appealing to his goodness and Dick cementing Conners home and humanity with the Titans (Although the latter part could’ve played out better ).

While the show rapped up the quiet character moments, especially between Dick and Rachel / Garfield, are reallt reflective of the characters journeys and left the characters on a positive note.

What’s To Come

All we can do now is re-examine the series as a whole and enjoy what works and work out what doesn’t. While there may be leaks here and there, any trailer will most likely come out around the comic convention season in later summer.

So what’s your opinion on the episode, as well as this season ? Did you love it , hate it or just are plainly ok with it ? Let us know in the comments down below !

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