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10 Gifts Perfect For Any Golden Girls Fan

If you know someone who LOVES Golden Girls then maybe that is the kind of thing you should gravitate towards for this gift giving season. There are a lot of cool things coming out now as the fandom has been front and center for the past few years. It’s always a nice thing when an older show has a resurgence and all parties involved are/ were genuine human beings.

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Maybe it’s the sassy spirit or even just the fact that they get along so well, but we can’t stop watching our friends on the Golden Girls. Here are some gifts that might be good to give this season.

An Andy Warhol inspired blanket will keep them warm all winter long! Not to mention make them feel surrounded by good friends.

This shade will keep their car nice and cool while also sporting some major Grandma energy.

Wine Charms! Because why not party with a purpose. You could play a Golden Girls drinking game while playing this…

Think you know all there is about the Golden Girls? Test your knowledge with this game! And if you still want to party and play, but don’t like trivia you can always get a set of these…

While you are all in your jam jams you can wear themed socks! Keep your toesies warm while having your Golden Girls Marathon night with some of these.

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They also have some individual socks of the characters that you can find if you click on the names below the next image.

Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche

Back on the subject of Drinking! They also have these cool shot glasses that you can incorporate into your night of fun!

You can check out these stemless wine glasses here.

And you can always go the way of a surprise box! Full of fun knick knacks that they would be sure to use.

There are plenty of holidays but nothing says friends matter quite like Christmas. So if you are planning on any sort of white elephant party these would be great to bring.

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