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Tekken 8: Predictions and Rumors for The Upcoming Tekken Game

It has been three years since we got the last Tekken game, and fans have been waiting for Bandai Namco to announce a release date for the next title. While there is no confirmed release date just yet, we know for a fact that Tekken 8 is coming out sometime soon. The ending of Tekken 7 has already confirmed that the series is not about to end anytime soon. But what can we expect from the upcoming title? Let’s find out. 

Predictions For The Upcoming Tekken Game

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When we finished Tekken 7, we saw the best post-credits scene of any Tekken game. The Devil Gene that was hyped up for so long has finally been realized to its full potential. Jin Kazama is now in control of the Devil Gene, and we may be setting up for a big fight against him in the upcoming title. 

But what shakes things up is that Harada is now the General Producer, putting Michael Murray in his previous position. Murray has no prior experience with the Tekken franchise, and we believe in his ability to produce great games. But whether we like it or not, there may be a strong deviation from the current storyline setup we have seen in the previous titles. 

Jin, Kazuya and Akuma Showdown 

One showdown that everyone is expecting is between Jin, Kazuya, and Akuma. The Story Mode in the previous Tekken game was great, and we expect Bandai Namco to deliver similar class in the upcoming title. One of the biggest problems with Tekken 7 is that it does not use Claudio in the story much, even though he is such an important character. 

When it comes to the rest of the roster, each character should get a proper story chapter. Most of them feel like they have no relevance in the current lineup of character. More importantly, with the good guys trying to beat Jin in Tekken 8, we need to have a stronger roster of character. Some character progression and story arcs for some of the stronger combatants are very welcome. 

The Return of Heihachi 

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Heihachi might be out of the picture, but fans are speculating that he may be revived in the upcoming Tekken game. We don’t know how that will work out, but it is pure speculation at the moment. It is almost impossible to imagine a Tekken game without Heihachi, and we hope he comes back in some form. If he does not, we are going to need a lot of story progression to push the other characters to the forefront. The alternate route the developers could take is by making Claudio be the main protagonist who gets the Devil Gene out of Jin. Tekken 8 should also serve as a conclusion for many ongoing fight arcs that are going on. Tekken 7 has already set up some wonderful moments, and we expect some of them to come to a conclusion in the upcoming Tekken game.

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