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Home Depot is Selling the Most Magical Christmas Unicorns

Oh I so adore, my Rainbow Unicorn! Home Depot has just released the coolest yard decoration for this holiday season. It’s a beautiful LED light up unicorn that has butterfly wings and is positioned on it’s hinds. I put off writing this until this morning but it’s honestly so beautiful I dreamed about it last night. This is one of those decorations that’s made for Christmas but you can have it up all year long. At least you could at my house.

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What is even better is that this Unicorn is huge. It stands at 72 inches tall. That’s 6 feet tall! It is online now for $129 and it is an investment! They also have a smaller baby unicorn at half the height(40 inches) for $79 which is just the cutest thing.

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Click here to find more information on the Adult Unicorn and the Baby Unicorn. Every year Home Depot comes out with amazing decor and home owners have a field day. I am happy to say that these will be on my apartment balcony. So you can really put them wherever you want.

What kind of decorating do you do during the Holidays? Tell us in the comments!

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