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Eat Your Drinks With Glenlivet’s Whiskey Pods

Going through Tide Pod withdrawal?

Who isn’t? While I am disappointed by the fact that there was a small subculture of morons who felt it appropriate to consume a laundry detergent as a way to get buzzed. However, I am very into the notion of eating your drinks.

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Enter the makers of Glenvilet whiskey who according to reporting from on October 7th have announced the debut of a line of edible cocktail pods.

Behold the Glenlivet Capsule Collection. These juicy adult oriented gushers are the result of a collaboration between Glenlivet, London bartender Alex Kratena, and the “sustainable packaging” company Nootka. The individual whiskey bites contain 23ml of booze you can simply swallow the same way you would a Tide Pod, only without the whole consuming laundry detergent thing.

I will note that the Tide Pod comparison has been on the minds of the Glenlivet people because they sent out the below Tweet addressing people’s concerns.

I’m happy that Glenlivet took the time to release such a statement. Yet I’m marveled by the fact that they felt they needed to because a bunch of idiots decided to start eating laundry detergent in 2018.

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This is the world we live in.

Right now, the capsules are only available during London’s Cocktail Week which is happening now through the 13th. Then I’ll bet they decide to go global sometime soon there after. And by summer 2020, we’ll all be doing the Glenlivet challenge where you see if you can pound a whole box of whiskey pods, eat a quarter pounder from McDonalds, and recite the Gettysburg Address, from memory.

Challenge accepted! Though I feel the only way to eat your drinks should be done via Rum Ham.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits – Glenlivet/Twitter

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