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Time To Get Drunk Off Applebee’s $1 Vampire Cocktail

I’ll never understand why people flaunt their drunken fast food experiences all while hating on Applebee’s? Like crushing a late night twelve pack of soft tacos is suddenly more an affluent move when compared to slamming whatever The Bee’s has on their menu.

And believe me, Applebee’s has a new menu item that will definitely get you slammed, for decent price too.

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Behold the $1.00 Vampire Cocktail!

They had me at the price, then drove it home with the complimentary set of fun fangs. Who doesn’t love fun fangs? Not exactly sure why they didn’t make it a red colored beverage though I commend the folks at The Bee’s for either avoiding a lawsuit or the neighborhood of being too on the nose.

Applebee’s made the announcement on October 1st via Instagram, joining many other businesses in capitalizing on the Halloween season through different scary themed food and drink options.

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Regardless of your stance on Applebee’s food, you have to appreciate a company looking to get you loaded for less.

The Vampire Cocktail will be here all month. Please drink responsibly.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Applebee’s

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