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BoJack Goes to Rehab in Sixth and Final Season

Bojack Horseman is coming to an end. And it looks like they are going to try and give him some closure with a journey to rehab. The seasoned sitcom star has had a long history of depression and self destructive behavior and for this last season it seems they want to send him off on a better path. Check out the new trailer here.

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BoJack has been my go to for when I want to feel more depressed and to be honest I am glad they are going to give him the opportunity to show that rehab can be helpful. Hopefully this is the direction that they will take and maybe we will finally get to see him at peace with himself. Usually negative thoughts take over and then he starts going backwards from any progress he has made but this time it appears it will play out differently.

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They will be releasing the final season in two parts. The first part will air October 25th and the second part will air January 31st.

Are you excited for more BoJack? Even though it will be the last season? Tell us in the comments what you think of the show.

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