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The World’s First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Opens in London

Calling all cheese-lovers!  You’ll love this new restaurant that opened up at Seven Dials Market in London’s West End.  Imagine a sushi conveyor belt, but with cheese. A cheese conveyor belt! That’s exactly what The Cheese Bar is dishing out.  Endless amounts of cheese gliding by as you decide which one to nab next.  

At this restaurant, you can find an assortment of “over 25 different cheeses, all sourced from around the UK.”  Each of the cheeses is “paired with individual condiments & small producer wines.” The dishes that are served on the conveyor belt range from £2.95 ($3.64) to £6.10 ($7.52).  They are color coded to let the customers know how much each plate is.  

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In addition to what you can find looping around the room, you can also order food from their regular menu.  Where’s the fun in that, though? Their menu includes items such as grilled cheese sandwiches and a blue cheese soft serve.  

A separate drinks menu also lets you choose from a variety of red, white, orange, and rosé wine. If wine is not your thing, beer and soft drinks are also available.


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The Cheese Bar states, “In order to accommodate as many people as we can, our bar seats will be available on a walk-in only basis.”  They also limit the customers to one hour. However, the restaurant is open everyday from midday, so there are plenty of opportunities to get your cheese on!

For the months of September and October, there’s an option that allows you to book ahead if you have a party of 5+ people.    

Photo: The Cheese Bar

If you’re ever in London, make sure to visit the one and only cheese conveyor belt in the world. Heck, I’d go just for the cheese belt.  

Do you love cheese?  What do you think of this new restaurant?  Let us know in the comments!

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