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Check Out This Awesome ‘Zero’ Purse!

If you love Nightmare Before Christmas, we’re with you! They have been rocking some of the coolest merch lately by all kinds of places. There has been kitchenware at Target, Home decor at Walmart, and Fancier stuff at The Bradford Exchange. Whatever you are in the mood for(and all signs lately point to Halloween) NBC has got it if you want it. Now Hot Topic is starting to ramp up their game, like they do every year around this time. And one of the most beautiful pieces that they are offering is this Zero Purse.

“We sense there’s something in the wind. So, keep all of your belongings together in one spot! This mini dome crossbody bag from The Nightmare Before Christmasfeatures an allover print of Jack’s loyal ghost pup, Zero. Detachable crossbody strap, interior zipper pocket and light grey handles.”

Hot Topic Description of the Bag

The best part about it is the size. Only 7 1/4″ x 3″ x 6 1/4″ means that you can pair down what you really need, Wallet, Phone, Keys, and make your life a lot less hectic. Because no, you already brushed your hair YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING YOUR HAIRBRUSH.

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Loungefly in itself always has the best fandom purses and accessories anyway and this bag really seals the deal. It will go with anything due to the color scheme and you don’t just have to use it around Halloweentime. You can also sport it at Disneyland or really out anywhere. It’s almost Fall! The bag is only $29.99 and Hot Topic always has a sale going. Heck if you have Hot Cash and buy a candy with it, it brings the price down to $15.00.

*Edit I bought one and it’s totally awesome. Fits phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses and feminine products easily. Definitely recommend.

If you want to check it out further you can do so by clicking here.

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