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Lady Married to 300 yr Old Pirate Ghost Says it’s Over

Ahoy Matey! Welcome to another episode of nutbag theater. I’m your host Ty, and today we have a very special story for you. Meet Amanda Teague, a 45 yr old Jack Sparrow Impersonator (no seriously look):

Amanda Teague

Her and her spectral hubby “jack” – an 18th century Haitian pirate, met in 2014, according to Teague. As she told People back in February 2018, this forbidden love started unlike any other:

It was almost like falling for someone forbidden — like a friend’s husband,” Teague says. “I tried to ignore it but it didn’t go away.”

Luckily, she was able to provide a visual description of her charming husband:

“Jack” the Pirate

Now it seems, the relationship has soured. Although she didn’t provide a lot of details, here at Nerdbot, we came up with some ideas of what could have gone wrong…

Guess you can say..she got ghosted.

He won’t be getting anymore of that booty.

That ship has sailed..

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RRRR you serious?

Looks like she made HIM walk the plank.

She thought he only had AYES for her.

He wasn’t transparent enough for the relationship.

He couldn’t give her an ectoplasm.

He couldn’t get a Boo-ner.

They couldn’t see AYE to AYE.

I’m sure we could have gone all day. Anyways, I hope Teaque the best of luck in her next spectropilia adventure. I’m sure there are plenty of spirits in the sea. As of now, it sounds like an amicable split without the use of an exorcism. Hopefully she used protection.

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