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There is a Smart Planter to Help You Not Kill Your Plants

When I first had my own apartment I really did try to have happy houseplants. I would water them, check the soil, read the how to care for description that came on the stick when you bought them. But no matter what I did they always ended up dead. Tired of being a murderer I gave them all to my mom who was able to resurrect a few. Now there is something made just for people like me and it turns taking care of a plant into a living pet that you can read by facial expression. The Lua.

Artify – Square

From the website you can see that the Lua is still in development, and if it reaches its goal you can see this little guy sometime in December of this year. The premise is this, the planter has feelings! It gets thirsty, it reacts to the hot and the cold, and if you over water it gets sick! Over exposure to sunlight can make it get hot and being too cold can give it a cold. It senses when it is going to rain too!

And no exposure to sunlight will make it..

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A vampire!

How it works is you select your type of plant on the app which will pull up a QR code. Then you sync the planter with the code and it knows how you should care for your new pet.. I mean plant!

You can find out more about it on the project page!

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