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Cute “Stranger Things” Inspired Tee Released by Fan Jackets

Two things go together when you think of Eleven from Stranger Things. Waffles and awesomeness. There have been a plethora of Funko pops released in regards to the series and the basic shirts that you can find at Hot Topic. But now we have a better more clever way to show that we are fans by way of this cute tee.


A cute sentiment adorned with Eleven’s favorite food. The Eggo! This clever shirt will step up your nerdy fashion game by allowing you to discern the real fans of the show over people who just read the “Stranger Things” off your shirt and strike up a conversation.

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This comes in a Men’s and Women’s design. The price is around $30 USD but if you buy it now they have a SAVE10 Code that applies and you end up saving $13 making it come out to only $20.

This would be a great gift for a friend or for yourself!

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