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Jazz Up Your Home With These 5 Functional Star Wars Accessories!

Part of any home is what sets it apart from “normal” conventions. Whether you make an effort to make your kitchen nerdy or maybe have a cool Pokemon shower curtain. There will always be something that is completely you in your own space. And speaking of space, what better way to rep your love for Star Wars than some functional accessories?! Here is a list of some current finds on Amazon that would be great as a gift for others, or yourself. If you want to check these cool toys out further, click on the title of the item to redirect to the Amazon page for it!

Death Star Blue Tooth Speaker

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This little guy would be great in the kitchen, or the bathroom if you are a shower singer. Or why not put on the Imperial march to get yourself ready for the day ahead? He runs about $20 on Amazon and that is a steal for repping your fandom and doubling as a portable speaker.

Darth Vader Version of “The Clapper”

Remember seeing those “Clap on, Clap off” commercials on TV? Well this one beats them all. Not only will it turn your lights on and off with “the force” but you also get to hear Darth Vader speak! When you clap on he says, “The force is strong with this one” and when you clap off he says, “You underestimate the power of the dark side.” He runs for about $30 bucks but he is a great addition to any home, not to mention a great party trick! “Hey who said that?”

Han Solo in Carbonite Door Sticker

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Want to scare grandma when she comes over? Why not apply this nifty door sticker of Han Solo in Carbonite! Get ready for the disturbed reaction for un-Star Wars loving friends. Or be prepared with a speech to transform their lives and introduce them to something that will make their lives 100% better? This sticker sells for $38 and is totally worth it. If only to see the look on someones face.

R2D2 Teapot

Maybe you like to celebrate Star Wars more subtly. Here is a sweet R2D2 Tea Pot that will soothe your soul as well as your tea bags with a warmth only a droid can give. He ranges in price on Amazon from $20-$30 and would make a great gift for the tea lover in your life.

Build Your Own Light Saber Night Light

Here is an accessory that would look great above the television, in a bedroom, or as a night light in the hallway to the bathroom. Not only that but with this kit you get to build it yourself! It is great for STEM projects for adults and kids and only costs $24.

Do you own any functional Star Wars accessories? Tell us what your favorite type of home decor is in the comments!

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