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Interview With Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore

For those who are unaware Fred Tatasciore is a voice actor who has worked on a number of different things. If it’s not the movies, its cartoons, and even video games. Odds are if you’re a gamer there’s a good chance you’ve heard his voice at least one in a video game you’ve played.

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Tatasciore grew up having an interest in voice acting, comic books, and animated. All of this interest helped him realise he wanted to be a voice actor. “It didn’t just happen one day I’ve always been inpersations” explained Tatasciore. He went on to explain he used to make shows off of a tape recorder that his dad either lent to him or he stole. And that only fueled the fire for him wanting to be a voice actor. Growing up tatasciore was very shy, so coming up with voices would always be comforting to him. “Like a lot of us you grow up like this grey blob wanting to be something. And not knowing what knowing what you’re going to be. It’s always easier to wear a mask, do a voice.” tatasciore explained further on doing voices as a child.

Doing that lead him to joining theatre at his school. That leading him to do stand-up comedy, and that’s where he really got started. Because of what he did as a child with making voices it helped him become that much more better at theatrical work. He went on to study classical theatre and was shocked to find out how similar the games he worked on are to classical theatre. While studying in school he loved to draw and also studied animation at UCLA. Animation helped get his foot in the door in the industry. He would help out friends with projects and before he knew it people in high places heard his voice.

Growing up he never thought he could make a living off doing voice acting. “I always wanted to do this voice acting but I never realised that was a thing. That could be your living that could be your life” tatasciore said. But even though he is a well known voice actor he still does animation.

It’s no secret that tatasciore loves Soldier 76. And he even loved it more when he came out as gay. “First of all it’s awesome” was tatasciore response when asked his thoughts on soldier being gay and a remodle for the LGBTQ community. Tatasciore went on to give his opioion on Soliders sexuality “I call him bi-sexual really because he would be into either. He did have love interest.” He went on to explain how people ship Ana and Soldier. “The deal is he just loves but what was fansting to me not only finding out this late game. Is how little it changes who he is, what I love about it is he’s not putting that first.” He goes on to say “Wait make an older white guy soldier, greedy soldier, Clint Eastwood esque guy and you find out he’s in the community?”

He goes on to say that sad thing about soldier is that none of his love interest ever works out for him. And it always end in a sad way for him. Tatasciore would love for 76 to have a happy ending due to his hardships. But ultimately he loves that Soldier 76 is in the LGBTQ community because it doesn’t change who he is at all, and makes him more interesting.

Just like all of us tatasciore would love it if Blizzard where to make an animated movie for Overwatch. “I would love it” said tatasciore. He’s personal favorite short is the one telling Bastons origin. “That’s my favorite.That to me is sundance material. It’s so beautiful that it makes me cry” tatasciore said.

He’s also been the Hulk for sometime and has a soft spot for him too. “I was a fan of Marvel and DC growing up, and I was a fan of that character.” tatasciore explained. Growing up he loved to watch the hulk on tv. He finds it incredibly rewarding that he is able to play such an iconic character and has for this long.  He understands that he has to treat this with a lot of respect when voicing someone as the hulk. “You really want to honor that character and give it as much depth” tatasciore explained. He went on to say how he’s loved every iteration of Banner/Hulk he’s been. One thing he really believes that the hulk wants is to be left alone. “He’s not just angry he’s just like please stop the nose everything.” said tatasciore.

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He’s work on a lot of movies, but notes he does a lot of scary movies such as annabelle and dead silence. He loved working on Shazam because the creatures he voiced he was able to give them as much personality as he could. Tatasciore didn’t really make voice acting a career until the mid to late 90’s. He reflects on the movie gladiator his first big movie and his favorite lines in the movie.

He mentions how he loves working for Star Wars and helping make such iconic characters. And he loves how much they let him have fun with it. He further went on to explain how he voiced Darth Vader at Disneyland and is sometimes to harsh on himself. “I’m my own worst critic” tatasciore said jokeling. But he then went on to say when he often hears vader he still gets intimidated even though it’s him. Tatasciore knows what to tell vader in order to hear special dialog and used his wife to do so. “I had my wife with me and I said my lord I found the rebel spy” is what tatasciore told vader. To get him to say something new.

When asked if was in the new avengers game coming out tatasciore had this to say. “I can’t talk about it. I tell you what man if they asked me I’d do it.” So maybe we’ll be seeing him in the new game coming out? Only time can tell.

He still has a hard time believing that he gets to work with Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, and DC. “I pinch myself I go oh my gosh I get to do this!” tatasciore said. As for characters he loved working on Zeratul for Starcraft 2. Had gotten the role after the original voice actor had passed away so he knew he had big shoes to fill. “There was so much theatre in that character I could do” Tatasciore explained about zeratul. He goes on to mention Soldier 76 and says “Wow I will go to Birmingham Alabama or Birmingham England. And it’ll be the same fans.”

When it comes to DC he’s been Solomon Grundy, Bane, Killer Croc, even Swamp Thing. A lot of the characters he’s voiced where in the Batman Arkham series. He goes on to explain his love and respect for both Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. “Mark Hamill I always joke with him I say you know you’re this amazing voice actor that happen to be Luke Skywalker.”said Tatasciore. Going back to bane in the batman games he explains how he wanted to take more of a comic book version.

He goes on to explain how sometimes you have to record so many lines. Because the game will have a different outcome depending on your actions.Tatasciore mentions Gears of War and how people responded to his crude remarks as Baird. “You shot me didn’t you. You shot me by accident didn’t you” said Tatasciore. He loves working on Gears of War and loves what is has become as well as his characters development. “He has this really big heart. He’s just demonstrating tough love everywhere. He’s like that annoying big brother.” Tatasciore in regards to baird.

Tatasciore goes on to say what he loves about voice acting in video games and long running shows. “You really get to know that character. You’ve only been with him not only though his backstory but for many years. Then you also know how he is in different situations. How he’s going to die how he’s going to live. There’s so many iterations of how he falls in love, how he falls out of love. You know you’ve learned so much more than you would even in a movie”

Tatasciore agreed when mention that videogames are now basically movies. In regards to depth and story being told. He finds it rewarding when he finds out how much of a positive impact he’s had on people’s lives, and never gets over that sensation.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more of Fred Tatasciore work. And if you see him at a con or wherever be sure to say hi he’s a lovely person.

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