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Shiny Horsea Spawning in Pokemon GO for a Limited Time

It’s time to get your bobbers and lures ready trainers! The annual Pokemon GO Festival is about to kick off in Chicago, and in celebration we are about to see a lot more horseas than usual. Starting June 13, Horsea will appear much more frequently in the wild and there is a chance to encounter the shiny version!

Shiny Horsea art credit to KoriArredondo
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From June 13 until June 16, Horsea will frequently appear in the wild as the Pokemon GO fest occurs. Trainers will have an opportunity to catch shiny Horsea and then evolve them to obtain shiny Seadra and Kingdra. Additionally, global challenges will also occur during the event. Players across the world will work towards goals to earn in-game rewards. Players can earn extra candy bonuses or even earn the appearance of shiny Suicune, Entei or Raikou. The official Pokemon GO website contains the full list of available global challenges for the event.

So get out there and get some fishing done trainers! After all, the shiny Horsea is only available for a very limited time.

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