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New Theater Allows Dogs and Drinking

There is a theater in Plano Texas called K9 Cinemas that is making a leap when it comes to how we watch movies. They allow dogs, and you can drink as much as you want!

They only have a few rules when it comes to the dogs. You need to prove that they are up to date on their shots, and you have to pick up after them. Tickets for those who are 21 and under are $15 and that includes the admission of your doggy friend.

They have treats for your dog, comfy seats, and bottomless whiskey or wine depending on your preference. K9 Cinemas may just be a dog owners dream. If you dream of barking during movies… Just kidding we all know we have some very well behaved good boys and girls out there.

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They also do themed nights where you can bring your pet such as Church Tuesdays, Wednesday Karaoke, and Thursday Trivia. It sounds awesome. Who wouldn’t want to sing with their doggy pal along to “Who let the dogs out?” or “How much is that doggy in the window”. I can also see our furry pals helping with trivia as anything with the answer “rough” or “roof” could be considered a hand out question.

All I know is the next time I go to Texas to visit family is that I am “borrowing” my brothers dog and taking a road trip to this theater!

What do you think of this idea of a doggy friendly theater? Tell us in the comments!

Cover image taken from TheSuperColliesMom on instagram

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