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Tyra Banks Creating Modelland.. A Family Themepark?

Ever wanted to travel with the family to place that only served $8 celery sticks? Well you might be able to soon!

Tyra Banks recently had an interview with where she talked about a new endeavor she wanted to take on. (Jazz Hands) Modelland!

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The idea of the park is to bring technology to the forefront. It is to be an in person theme park like experience. She told TC, “We’re very open to partnering with and having integrations with different brands that bring technology to the forefront and make sure what we’re providing in Modelland are things you cannot do on your phone.”

She wants to combine a fantasy environment by using virtual reality and also provide food, attractions, and shopping. Of course shopping.

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What that means is pretty much unknown and the fact that she wants it to be a family outing attraction is even weirder. She wants it to be a celebration of all kinds of beauty. I would think it would be easier for her to just make an app or put out a brand or something. Whatever the case is, let’s see how this goes.

Even though I say these things sarcastically I would be lying if I didn’t want to secretly check this out. Maybe it will be something to behold. You never know until you try it right?

Modelland is supposed to open later this year in Santa Monica, California.

Would you want to go to Modelland? Tell us in the comments!

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