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Kit Kat Eye-Shadow Palette for the Candy Lover!

There is a new eye-shadow palette that has been making it’s round on the internet!

Etude House has put out two new palettes that are shaped like the iconic candy. There is an Original palette and a Strayberry Tiramisu.

Artify – Square

The original palette has bars shaped like the fun sized chocolates and the colors range from a champagne color to a cherry red. The kit includes a pouch and a KitKat chocolate bar when purchased.

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You get the same sweet deal with the Tiramisu palette with the pouch and candy. Though you get the Tiramisu flavor with your purchase on this one! The colors range from light peach to a pretty brown color.

When I went to the Etude House page the only place I could find the palette was on the Korean part of the site. Thank goodness for Google translate! However the palette was all sold out. And I’m not sure what the shipping would be to California. So unless you can find this already imported it may be a little hard to find.

I haven’t seen whether they smell like chocolate or not but that would be the dream wouldn’t it?

Would you want to buy either of these palettes? Tell us in the comments!

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