If you are still looking for closure over a nasty break up, or maybe even a way to just be petty boy have I found the thing for you.

Right now if you go to the Hemsley Conservation Centre’s website you can name a cockroach after your ex.

You get a certificate that excludes the name you picked because the conservation centre decided that would be too much and could potentially “fuel the fire”. Don’t worry though the name of the little guy will be known as on Valentines day they will have a board with tons of printouts where employees of the conservation centre can read the “special note” where you say the name and why you want to name them that. You can say whatever you want… WHATEVER you want!

Fortunately they stopped short of allowing adoptions for the sole reason that “you probably don’t want to adopt your friends ex”. See, they get it.

If you don’t want to name a cockroach after your own ex there is an option to name one for a friend. What a lovely gift idea for a Galentines Day gift! Treat yo self!

On a more serious note if you do name a cockroach your money will go to funding projects at the zoo. What an amazing bonus to come out of an awful situation, the awful “situation” being your last relationship.

Would you want to name a cockroach after your ex? Tell us in the comments!

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