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Jeff Bridges Bringing Back the Dude Next Month!

In a video released on twitter this morning we got some exciting news! The Big Lebowski was released in theaters over 20 years ago and is one movie that has grown to cult fandom.

Jeff Bridges tweeted this morning a video of himself as the dude in a short clip. At the end of the video you see the date 2.3.19.

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We still don’t know what this means, is it a movie? Is it a show? Whatever it is we know that the dude is coming back in some way shape or form. And you know what? We’re excited. Especially if Buscemi and Goodman are on board.

Another possibility for the clip could be a commercial for SuperBowl given that the date on the video is February 3rd. I hope it is a commercial, but one for a movie!

What do you think this could mean? Are you ready for The Dude to make a comeback? Tell us in the comments!

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