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Pokemon Let’s Go Bake Cookies!

Pillsbury did the best thing ever apparently while no one was looking, including me. They released Pokemon ready to bake cookies!

The timing is a bit funny since you think these would have launched with the games for the Nintendo Switch back in November. Whatever the case we have them now and I am happy! The designs on the cookies are a Pikachu head and a Poke Ball.

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They sell for $2.50 and can be found at any Walmart though many food bloggers have noted that they are hard to find. They should be more available around May when Detective Pikachu comes out and be produced and sold til August according to TheDailyMeal. Maybe this is just the first sign of what is to come as far as promotional merchandise? I would have thought that there would be some mention of the movie on the packaging though.

Well I’m off to go Pokemon cookie hunting! Good luck on your searching!

Are you ready to run out and find these cookies? Tell us in the comments!

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