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Overwatch’s Ana Bastet Event Starts Today

This month Ana gets her own event in light of the newest comic release Bastet. This event goes on from January 8-21 and allows players to earn multiple rewards.

How to Earn Rewards

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In quick play, arcade or competive:

  • Win 3 Games | Player Icon
  • Win 6 Games | Victory Pose
  • Win 9 Games | Bastet Ana Skin

This rewards are in addition to normal loot boxes recieved from arcade.

You can earn the remainder of rewards by watching Twitch streamers. Blizzard is partnering with various content creators from around the world. So tune in to participating broadcasters while they’re broadcasting Overwatch anytime through January 21 to earn five Ana’s Bastet Challenge sprays!

Who’s gonna be getting all this loot? Let Nerdbot know in the comments.

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