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Microsoft Helps Make Halo Prosthetic Arm

343 the company behind the Halo franchise has teamed up with Limbitless Solutions. A non-profit business that specializes in making prosthetic limbs. What 343 has done is allow this company to make arms look like they are straight from Halo that are fully functioning. The best part about this is, that this is being made for children to use and it will be donated to the recipients.

Starting next year Limbitless will be rolling out two halo themed options. One being the a carbon copy of Master Chief’s Mark VI amo, with the classic green color. While the other arm will be one from the multiplayer options that the kids can customize with their favorite colors.

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From a visual standpoint it looks remarkable. Just like how you’d imagine it look like in real life. But this isn’t the only thing that microsoft has done to help people with disabilities. They just realised it’s Xbox Adaptive Controller which allows people who can’t play video games due to disabilities to play, it hooks up with the Xbox One and Windows 10 pc.

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It’s also important to note that microsoft isn’t the only company to be doing this as well. As a matter of fact League of Legends is doing the same thing with the same company. They’re making to be designed as Landing on Odyssey Jinx, Star Guardian, Shurima, Illaoi, and Maokai. All of these designs will roll out in 2019 as well.

A big reason why Limbitless is doing is so kids can feel more comfortable. So that way when they look at there new arm they can feel more like a hero and not be embarrassed about it.

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