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That Fortnite TV series everyone is talking about? Not happening.

Imagine this: You’re loaded up on that Battle Bus, ready to airdrop into Loot Lake and slay some competition when The Almighty (and by that, of course I mean Disney) speaks to you and says:

“Come, my child. We are making a Fortnite series on Disney XD.”

“Can it be?” You say to yourself. “Will today be the day all my dreams come true?”

Photo Courtesy: Epic Games

Turns out: No. No it is not. You are not getting that lucky, apparently. In order to understand the confusion, we must start at the beginning of our tale. Way back on July 15 (of this year…as in, six days ago), this happened:

“Fortnite: The TV Show will premier on August the 12, 2019”

And the sound of the collective fan’s heads exploding made everyone else say… “Ok, whatever.”

Upon closer inspection, however, this twitter account was not the official Disney XD page, but a poor imitation. I guess it should have been obvious due to the fact that the name is @DisnayXD, or you know because it says “PARODY” directly on the page itself.

Go ahead, see for yourself:

But we are hopeful creatures, and we can dream, so we ignored the evidence that was right in front of our faces and lived in that blissful moment. Epic Games estimates that there are somewhere in the vicinity of 3.4 Million players across all the platforms, so that’s a lot of big dreamers.

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Unfortunately, however, despite the staggering amount of people who were really buying into this ( I’m serious, my Facebook newsfeed looked like a marketing campaign for this supposed new show), it is simply not happening.

Nick Chester, PR for Epic Games had this to say in response to NME’s report on the TV show:

So…that’s a no, then?

But the possibility of a TV Series based on a wildly popular video game is really not that crazy of an idea, right? There are plenty of shows that are based on games- I can sing the theme song for two different Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons off the top of my head right now.

Super Mario Bros. Super Show, anyone?!

It would make sense for Epic Games to capitalize on the success of Fortnite and squeeze every last drop of revenue they can get out of it, and who better to join forces with than Disney? I mean, all the other cool kids are doing it these days.

What do you think? Is the world ready for a Fortnite tv show, or is it just not in the stars? Let us know!




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