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DC’s Anatomy Of A Metahuman Coming In September

Here’s something different… reported on July 5th that DC Comics will be unveiling a brand new book entitled Anatomy Of A Metahuman this September. No it’s not another new series to compliment Dark Knights Metal or Doomsday Clock, but a 160 page cataloguing of some of the famous faces from our favorite superhero adventures. Imagine a diary format, handwritten words, with none other than Batman providing the commentary and Leonardo Da Vinci-esque illustration.

Who knew the Dark Knight had such skills. Though I hope he doesn’t hang up the cape and cowl to pursue art full time. Gotham City still has a criminal underworld to be dealt with.

In case you think Batman is a real guy I’ll let you know now that artist Ming Doyle is the one behind the visuals. He announced the preorder on Twitter and shared a couple images as well. Check them out below!!

Cheetah from Wonder Woman.


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It’s like a textbook for comic book lovers.

Swamp Thing

Writers S.D. Perry and Matthew K. Manning provide the words and Doyle’s anatomized drawings offer the perfect piece to sit atop coffee tables of DC fans across the world. Christmas will be here before you know it!

You can preorder your copy on Amazon by clicking here.

Anatomy Of A Metahuman arrives on September 18th.

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Photo Credits- Twitter/DC

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