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Star Wars, In Ohio, Again?

Maybe it’s the upcoming release of The Last Jedi? Maybe people in the Buckeye state really like fall? Or maybe the good-hearted mid-western folks in my region of America are just trying to make others happy?
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All of these questions are worth asking.  And personally I’d really like to know what’s up because this year, Ohio is showing Star Wars a lot of love.  No, I’m not talking about a convention or some hipster bakery serving up light saber shaped dinner rolls. What I am getting at here are the fans, people like Parma resident Nich Meyer, who built a giant AT-AT in his front yard.  Here’s a guy who wanted to do something special in keeping with the spirit of Halloween.  Something others can enjoy.  That’s what were all about here in the mid-west, selflessness, we also like making stuff too.


Photo Credit- Adam Chmielewski


Well guess what… the folks over at Wheeler Farms in have taken things to a whole new level!!
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That’s correct, what you are looking at is a corn maze.  We love doing stuff with corn in the Rust Belt.  On top of providing a tasty side dish, a field of corn can be modified into a form of entertainment.  Every year this farm located in Whitehouse, Ohio goes all out with their fall attraction and this time it’s Star Wars!  What an incredible design, props to the staff for not only getting the Death Star in there, but also a dueling Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The Millennium Falcon can bee seen in the far left.   It shines like a lighthouse in the world of Breadbasket Nerdery.
If you’re up for the experience, be sure to get there before it gets too cold… which is only a couple weeks away.
Would you go through a Star Wars corn maze? Let Nerdbot know in the Comments below.
By Adam Chmielewski
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