Friday, January 24, 2020

Persona 5 S Will Be a Warriors-Style Action Game

Persona 5 has been receiving a lot of attention these days. Persona 5 became the highest selling title in the Persona franchise in December 2017 with over two million copies sold worldwide. Since then, Atlus has kept the momentum going with the...

New ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Trailer

Attention all witches and wizards! This is an emergency broadcast from the Ministry of Magic! Strange phenomenon across the globe are risking our exposure to the muggle world! We need the Statute of Secrecy Task Force to put a stop to it!...

Why We Need to Stop Buying Sports Games

By James L. Garza II Just the other day, I was walking into my local Wal-Mart, and I noticed an advertisement for the new NBA2K. At which point, I started to wonder, “Why do people still buy these? I...

How Can Gaming Be Improved Through PvP and PvE Gaming?

When it comes to making gaming better, there are dozens of ways in which this can be done. It can be improved through sharper graphics, stronger narrative, or more interactive play. But if we break this down into the two main types of gaming,...

144 Moves Have Been Removed From Sword & Shield

A lot of the redundant moves have been taken out of the game.

‘Diablo 4’ Likely On the Horizon

There has been a hiring spree at Blizzard recently and the buzz is that it is for the development of one of the most anticipated games from the Diablo series. Diablo 4 has been talked about ever since the release of Diablo...

Xbox One Controller Drops Price.. Finally!

If you have been playing with a wonky controller for the past couple weeks because you don't want to shell out $60 bucks then I have some good news. You're only going to have to shell out around $37.

Donald Trump Suggests Crackdown on Violent Video Games

Trump believes censoring violent video games is a step in the right direction.

Toshi Omagari Says Retro Video Game Fonts Have Gone Unnoticed

Over the last few years, the Japanese type-designer-turned-retro-font archivist who works at the type foundry Monotype, has been assembling pixel-based alphabets from arcade games such as Tank 8, Space Invaders, and Street Fighter. “There are actually so many good arcade fonts that we collectively haven’t paid attention to,” said Omagari...

How Red Dead Redemption Became a Classic (By Taking Big Risks)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally upon us, releasing on Friday, October 26th. The anticipation has been through the roof for this game, especially for those who felt that the first was something special. Do you ever wonder how Red Dead Redemption did it?...

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