Friday, August 14, 2020

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Top 5 – 3D Slot Games Online

Online casinos often have hundreds of different slot games to play. So, for anyone new to playing online slots, the choice can be somewhat daunting.

Beyond House Party: Face to Face Networks Have Bigger Role to Play

If you have flicked through the news recently, it’s likely that you have come across reporting on the massive increase in popularity of face-to-face social networks like House Party, or business-tailored video conferencing software like Zoom. In short, people are using the software to socialise or to stay in touch with the office while working remotely.

Top 3 Comics Incarnations in Online Games

If you’re familiar with comics, then you are well aware of book publishers such as Marvel and DC. They have introduced outstanding and popular characters like Iron Man, Batman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman, Superman, etc. All of them aim to keep the peace of the world and save people in the case of danger. Today, you can find these characters not only in comic books, but also in movies, TV series, and online games.

Driverless Car Safety: Protocols, Safety Rules, and Generations

Are driverless cars safe? We go into the protocols, safety rules and different generations of driverless vehicles.

Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Film Production

Before starting your film production company and shooting your first feature or short film, you must know some things that will prevent you from making simple beginner mistakes.

Society and its Ever-Changing Opinion on Driverless Vehicles

The driverless vehicle seemed like something out of a science fiction movie until Google announced it was working on one in 2015. The small white bubble car was met with skepticism and ridicule from the public at large.

3 Scariest Video Games Inspired by Horror Movies

If you're looking for a good game to play, consider one of these. Especially if you like scary movies.

Self-Education while Pandemia: Tips for A-Grade Students

COVID-19 has already pushed the trend of studying from afar is experiencing a major boost as students moving to digital classes and more people avoid physical gatherings.



Texas is Now Battling an Infestation of R.O.U.S aka Swamp Rats

Texas has an IRL Rodent of Unusual Size problem.

New Lego Ideas Could Bring a “Princess Bride” Set Next

There's two days left to vote on this Lego Idea, let's make a "Princess Bride" set happen!

Adorable Spooky Baby Bat Swaddlers for Tiny Humans are the Cutest Things We’ve Seen

These baby bat swaddlers are cute and great for a spooky October baby!

Home Depot is Selling a 7 Foot “Ghostbusters” Ectomobile Inflatable!

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, your neighbors better call you! Check out this amazing "Ghostbusters" inflatable from Home Depot!

Fungus Found Near Chernobyl Being Used by NASA to Block Radiation

Scientists at NASA have found that these mushrooms feed of radiation and do not pose a threat to humans if handled by them.