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Top Things Samurai Sword Buyers Should Know

A samurai sword is a lifetime investment. Thus, it’s important to take your time to purchase the right sword. However, the market is filled with several swords. Remember, there are fake swords online. That’s why you should be very careful when making a purchase. Consider the following key things before making your move.

The Steel

You should consider the type of steel. Japanese swords are manufactured using extraordinary steel. The forging process is meticulous. The process ensures that all impurities are removed from the steel, leaving the sword string highly durable.

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As a sword buyer, it’s important to consider the type of steel your sword is made up of. Choose steel with uniformly distributed carbon. This will ensure that your sword doesn’t have weak spots. These types of steel swords are subjected to precise heat treatment-based regimes, which is why they have fine grain structures.

It’s important to note that fine grain means that your blade is stronger and not prone to deflection or breakage. Want to buy the best Samurai sword? Well, there are several options. You can see more here.


Forging is one of the most important processes when making a samurai sword. In fact, it defines Japanese swords. According to sword experts, authentic Japanese swords should pass through the right forging process.

On the other hand, conventional swords aren’t forged. As a result, they lack the integrity of the traditional blades. Buyers should always look for purchased samurai swords. Avoid milled-out swords. They don’t last long.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment also defines an authentic Japanese samurai sword. These swords feature differentially heat-treated based edges. In most cases, you will see a Ha sign at the edge. This sign is a sign that your sword has undergone the right heat-treatment process. Also, you should see a Mon sign. This sign is given to all Samurai swords.

The work of the heat treatment is to alter the molecular structure of the sword’s steel, making it beautiful and ductile. Thus, it’s important to always request a sword that has been subjected to this process.

Design and Shape

Ensure that the shape of your sword epitomizes the Japanese swords. With so many shapes, styles, and designs in the market, it becomes challenging to select the right shape. However, if you are keen enough, you should identify a historically correct Samurai sword.

Look for a feudal-era sword. Choose a Japanese sword from vendors who honor and cherish the Japanese culture. They should engrave the Samurai qualities in their swords.


Balance defines the functionality of your sword. Choose a sword you can use during those extreme combat settings. They should withstand stress, strain, etc. Good balance helps you use the sword in the most stressful and extreme situations. You shouldn’t struggle to use your sword.

Other Factors

Also, consider the following additional factors when choosing a samurai sword

  • Polish
  • Mounting
  • Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Unconditional guarantee

The Bottom-Line

Samurai swords are meant for courageous people. Brave people purchase genuine samurai swords. Thus, if you want to show your fighting zeal and skill, get the right samurai sword. Use the above key things to purchase the best samurai sword.

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