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The Wheel of Fortune Comes to Non Gamstop Casino Casinos

Do you know the famous game from the 90s that was on TF1? We even had the right to a remake in the 2000s with Dechavanne! The principle is simple: you have to turn a big wheel and avoid the bankruptcy box to win the jackpot and spend it in the shop.

This is the TV game that has gone around the world, but the first wheel of fortune is a simple game where the player pays for his turn on the wheel and wins prizes if he avoids the many bankrupt boxes.

American casinos offer this game in the same way as blackjack or poker. Non GamStop casinos have refreshed the concept by offering a “bonus” version of the wheel of fortune and online gambling software publishers have developed a live casino version. We explain everything you need to know about the different wheels of fortune and where they are found in this article.

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The Wheel of Fortune Promotional Version at Non GamStop Casinos

Online casinos never shy away from covering their players with bonuses. It’s loyalty marketing, but it’s also pretty cool to play a free mini-game and earn random bonuses, especially when they’re substantial. Most non GamStop games offer a wheel of fortune on a temporary promotion. It can be the spring wheel, the Christmas wheel, etc. but the operation is the same. Every day, a new spin is offered and the player randomly obtains a bonus to use during the day.

Bonuses are of different kinds:

  • Free chips
  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Cash
  • Free Spins

Obviously the bonuses can range from single to double, and the player can win from 5 % as a 500% deposit bonus. The wheel of fortune becomes more of a bonus wheel. It is often confused with a live casino table game.

The Wheel of Fortune in Non GamStop Live Casino Sections

Game software publishers have created a live game taking up the wheel of fortune by dusting off the concept.

The live casino is the new trend in online gambling halls. The player is propelled into a real casino with a real croupier of flesh and bone who will animate the table. In this game, the goal is not to spin the wheel to find out how much you win, but to bet on a number hoping that it will land. It’s a bit of a vertical roulette! Your bet is multiplied by the number the player has chosen. It is therefore possible to win very big on the wheels of fortune live

Pragmatic Play Released the Mega Wheel in 2019

Live casino specialists Hollywood TV, BetGames and Evolution Gaming have also had a version of the wheel of fortune. Attention the name can sometimes change as for “Dream Catcher” which is one of the most known versions. Indeed, it has seduced players with huge payout multipliers: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x.

It’s a pure game of chance where players throw a coin in passing to challenge luck one last time. Here there is no strategy, no betting technique, you have to believe in your lucky star!

What Is the Secret Behind the Popularity of Wheel Of Fortune games?

The Wheel Of Fortune theme has been introduced in a large number of slot games and live casino games as well. In fact, Wheel of Fortunes or “Money Wheels” games are also very popular in traditional casinos in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Although new generations may think that this theme was created specifically for casinos, this is absolutely not true! Most people from the 80s generation are fascinated by the popular TV show “Wheel of Fortune” which was very popular in both the US and the UK where contestants spin the wheel to win prizes. This program has been offering some lucky winners huge profits. At present, Live Wheel of Fortunes games are being developed by a few developers such as Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Betsoft, and others.

Are All Wheels of Fortune Games the Same?

The Wheels of Fortune games themselves come in different sizes and have varying amounts of parts depending on their use. The common feature of all Wheels of Fortune games is that they are installed vertically and are rotated clockwise or counterclockwise by the dial that advances the game. Most likely, a leather strobe is placed over the section spacers to slow the wheel until it finally stops on the winning segment.

There are several types of Wheels of Fortune. For example, Dream Catcher has 54 chips while Betgames Wheel has 19. To distinguish the sections and parts of the wheel are marked with numbers or colors. Whereas slot games based on this theme contain pictures and symbols of animals.

What are the Bets Available in Wheels of Fortune Games?

In all Live Wheels of Fortune games you can bet on a specific number or color depending on the odds of the game. Bet payouts are calculated based on the odds of winning the option you bet on; If it has high odds you will get big profits, if its odds are low then your profits will be low too. However, there is often an equal distribution of colors and other parts, so the profits are equal.

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