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What is a PS Gift Card and How do I Buy One?

Introduction to PS

We are living in the era where the digital world has prevailed. In this digital world, gaming is the most known all over the world, and it beats all over the industries. Concerning gaming, there are millions of games that are played. Keeping this all in view, Sony introduced the PlayStation that triumphed the whole world with the success of PS. 

There have been introduced many generations of the PS, and all of them made a great progress in their time. As now there is a time of PS5, it will continue the progress made by the previous generations. 

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Let’s talk about PlayStation Card.

PS Gift Card

PlayStation Gift Card lets you save the funds into your PSN Wallets that you can use later on. There are not only the games that you can use, but also the tons of services that you can have. You can send the PS Gift Card to your friends, and family.

You can send this to your beloved ones whether you do not know what games they already have or what games they love to play. You just go ahead and send them. They can actually exchange the funds for PS Plus subscriptions, movies, game credits, season passes, or any other kind of content that the PS Store offers. 

You can use the PS Gift Card for gaming, or you can simply collect the cards to send to someone who is fond of gaming on the PS.

PS Gift Card’s Features

The main and the best feature of the PlayStation Gift Card that flabbergasts everyone is PlayStation Plus Subscription that comes in two types. PlayStation Plus has so many features. These features are not limited to gaming only, but they are other than gaming. You can just buy the PS Gift Card and have access to those premium features.

Players can easily increase their console experience of console, and they can enjoy it. You can have access to all the available premium services. You will have access to all the features and PSN groups available on the PS Store. 

PlayStation Plus Card – The Skyrocket in Gaming


The best feature among all given to the players is to invite their friends into the game. Not only that, they can share their console with them and play, create challenges and much more around the virtual world. They can play with them to make new records and break the previous ones. 


You can do multiplayers gaming, and players will be joining from all over the world. They could easily join and play with you. You create moments of fun that enhance your confidence and boost your gaming skills.

Enhancement in Gaming Skills

It is a plus point for the players. The best thing is that players joining from all over the world belong to all categories as there are new players and the most experienced. So, it enhances your gaming skills, and lets you figure out your gaming flaws.

Free Games

You will get two free games every month that you can enjoy. You own these games till your subscription lasts.


Discounts are not for the specific games. They equally apply on all games available in the PS Store. Discounts are applicable to the all-new and old games and even time-restricted games on sale.

Sharing Console

You can share your console with the members of your game. Additionally, you can share your console with the other members of the game whether they are your friends or multiplayers. 

Premium Access

You will get premium access to the services of the PS Store which are not available for any ordinary member. Only premium subscription members can use this.


You need to figure out concerning your region before you make any purchase. As, there are three variables, Region, Currency and Country. So, it is highly recommended to check the region before making any purchase. It is advised because there is a region-lock built for all PSN Codes.

GAMIVO, keeping this in view, has given such all information on the product page.


You can simply go to the PS4/PS5 console; there you will see the option of redeeming the code.


There are two types of subscriptions, and choose the one you need

  • PlayStation Plus 90 Days
  • PlayStation Plus 365 Days

But the subscription of 365 days is recommended as it gives access to more premium services.

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