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Adorable New Eternal Sailor Moon Look Up Figures Announced

Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon are getting a couple of cute new figures. These come from MegaHouse, and are meant to be desk companions. Really though you can put them anywhere and they will keep you company. They have them posed so that they can sit on a ledge and their articulated necks can have them looking up or down.

The Figures:

The Sailor Scouts joins join the Look Up figure line! These sweet little figures feature an adorable design and an appealing uplifted gaze, and they have a joint in their neck so the angle of their heads can be adjusted. You’ll smile every time you see them

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These figures are being released October 2022 and will likely sell out fast despite the hefty price tag. The set is listed at $104.99, with individual figures going for about $44.99. As of this writing, there are only Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon available to pre-order. It is unknown if they will be releasing the other scouts at a later date. “Sailor Moon” has been consistently releasing great merch since it’s revival in 2014 with “Sailor Moon Crystal.”

To check the listing for these figures here.

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