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What Is a Chillum and How to Use It?

People love smoking for various reasons like coping with negative moods, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, and the daily stress of life. People find smoking a chillum is an excellent way to enjoy and relax. If you want to know what is a chillum and how to use it, read on. 

What Is a Chillum?

Chillum is a smoking device. It has a conical or straight shape with an end-to-end channel. There is a bowl where you keep unlit pieces of cannabis at one end. Unlike other devices, the Chillum does not have a pipe in the bowl or pipe to control the airflow. 

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Types of Chillum

Chillum comes in various forms and sizes. Some types are stone chillums, glass chillums, wood chillums, clay chillums, and many more. Of all kinds of chillums mentioned here, glass chillums are popular ones. Here are a few reasons to go for glass chillums. 

They are Discreet 

Most people don’t like to smoke when people are around. Instead, they prefer smoking cannabis or tobacco in chillums during their “Me time.” However, if you frequently travel due to work, you might want to carry your smoking device to enjoy moments of pleasure. 

Many people may not recognize your glass chillum in your bag, and they might even ask you about it. In simple words, the glass chillum does not reveal your smoking habits to people around you. 

Easy to Pack 

 A glass chillum is a perfect travel companion if you plan to take your smoking device wherever you go. You can pack the Chillum with cannabis flower or medicinal herb easily. The right way to use it is to put the flower in the bowl and use a wooden dugout to push the cannabis flower inside the Chillum. 

Now that you have understood what is a chillum and the advantages of using glass chillums, let’s learn how to use it. 

How to use Chillum? 

Glass chillums are easy to use, and you can light the Chillum by yourself with some practice. Put the flower in the bowl, hold the other end in your mouth, and light the flower. However, the method described above can heat the device very quickly. Hence cannabis smokers recommend users to follow the traditional way of using Chillum. 

You cup your hand over the end and place it between your pinky finger and ring in the traditional method. Then you have to put your mouth over your cupped hand and use your fist to create a smoke chamber. 

How to use Chillum With Your Buddy?

If you have someone to light up your Chillum, things become more manageable, and the smoking session becomes more enjoyable. For example, if you smoke a chillum with a friend, your buddy can light the cannabis flower. Also, the buddy method allows you to use both hands to create a bigger smoke chamber

If you are trying a chillum for the first time, you should use a wet cloth to hold the Chillum. Then, use both hands to form a cup to hold the Chillum. It will protect your hands from burning when the pipe heats up.

Information about glass chillums and knowing how to use them will help if you want to try these smoking devices to enhance your cannabis smoking experience. 

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