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Get Lucky with the Latest Esports Betting Tips 2022

Esports betting is one of the more recent forms of game predictions. Millions of matches are played each year, with bookmakers providing odds on various facets of competitive play. More than eighty percent of India’s population take part in one form of gaming or another at least once every year, and esports has gradually attained popularity amongst Indian citizens.

Whether you’re a newbie in the gaming world or a professional looking to make it big in the Indian gaming industry, you may still require some Esports tips.

This article provides essential information that gives you the inside scope of esports betting. In this detailed guide, we take you through how to bet on esports, some of its legal ramifications, and the key things to consider when placing bets on esports.

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What is Esports and Esports Betting?

Before we look at its tips, let’s explain what esports and esports betting means.

Firstly, esports describes any competitive video game played between various individuals or teams. This video game uniquely differs from regular gaming as the players compete against other players and not a computer AI.

Esports exist in various forms and have gradually increased in popularity over the last decade. It has seen large esports tournaments and star-studded esports teams with players competing in front of millions of fans both online and live. Fans can watch live streams through Facebook Gaming, Twitch TV, or YouTube Gaming applications.

Esports betting refers to placing bets on sports tournaments, teams, and players. The competitive gaming environment created a similarly exciting niche with thousands of bettors in India like any regular sport.

What Differences and Similarities Exist Between eSports and Regular Betting?

Betting on esports, like CS GO betting, and regular sports predictions are largely similar for most parts. They may seem different from traditional gaming at first, but with time you’ll see that a bet on esports is the same as placing a bet on football, cricket, basketball, or horse racing.

You could think of esports as a virtual IPL where gamers control digital players to play against other gamers. As you would consider the strength of a team like the Mumbai Indians or Chennai Super Kings, so would you, a popular esports gamer.

How Do You Make An Esport Bet

It’s simple and the same as making a traditional bet! First, pick the esport bet market you’re interested in, then check out the esports odds to make sure it’s what you fancy. Many online sites in India offer esports betting on their platforms with different odds you can choose from.

A major advantage of esports predictions is its more interactive nature with communities. Features such as live streaming, statistics, and social media interaction make playing on esports such a great experience.

The Latest Esports Betting Tips

Like betting on any other sport, you have to be cautious and approach esports with a balanced mindset. Here are some guidelines for looking to gain some advantage when placing esports bets.

  • Start small

It is advisable to start small when going into any betting type. The more you place your bets, the more experience you gain and the more informed decisions and calculated risks you can make. In turn, all these increase your chance of winning. So instead of going all-in with large amounts of money, start smart and start slow.

It is impossible to understand all of the sports with a single try. Start with amounts you don’t mind losing; then grow your investments in the game as you have a better understanding of it.

  • Do Your Research

All the successful esports bettors have one thing in common, their hard work in research. They put a lot of time and effort into researching, watching, or playing esport games. Doing your homework on the sport makes you realize that some competitive games and esports matches are simpler to bet on than others.

  • Use Reputable Betting Sites

Finding a trusted bookmaker is the first thing before placing a bet on esports. Your decision determines your success in future gaming activities. Luckily, several betting sites provide eSports services; however, not all can be trusted. Proper research for some attributes will lead you to a well-trusted site with attractive odds, bets, and payouts.

  • Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself.

When you start betting on eSports, you should follow through with a few fixed bets. Total earnings and the number of bets are not directly related. The important thing is to find good odds and strong payouts.


Betting on esports is just like any other sport. There are many betting sites in India that provide esports with good odds, and one of them is Parimatch. First, you’d find all the latest esports in India on Parimatch, and there is a welcome bonus and several promotional offers available for you to choose from. You’re also guaranteed security of transactions and play as it is a licensed gaming platform.

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