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Couple Finds Pearl in Clam Dinner in New Jersey

Imagine going out to dinner at one of your favorite places and finding something worth thousands in your food. One couple from New Jersey were stunned to find out that their meal from The Lobster House in Cape May held in store.

Maria and Michael Spressler were on their annual visit, a tradition which dates back to 1987 for them, when they found the pearl in their oyster.

“When I picked it up on the fork it looked kinda heavy, but I didn’t think nothing of it,” he told a CBS affiliate from KYW-TV. “Then when I started to eat it I noticed something was in my mouth.”

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Like most older people, he assumed it was a tooth that had fallen out. Luckily it was anything but and when he spit it into his hand he saw a rare pearl. Rare indeed, since this was a clam and not an oyster.

The pearl measured at 8.83mm and could be worth upwards of $100k. But Maria says that she’d like to have it set in some jewelry to remember that special day.

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