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6 Places To Visit To Get The LA Nerd Experience

When visiting the great land of Southern California, Los Angeles is a city that simply can not be missed. Along with being the go-to spot for all TV and film enthusiasts, this city of dreams also offers opportunities to visit Hollywood Boulevard, sets of your favorite TV shows, and go on behind-the-scenes tours – who knows you may even see a celebrity grabbing a coffee in the city center! Whether you’re a film lover, a sight-seer, a game lover, or a sports enthusiast, we’ve got six places that are a must to visit while staying in the land of dreams.


1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 

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The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, located in Exposition Park, is a multi-purpose stadium that hosts sports games, concerts, and more. Some of the greatest events in history have taken place in this Coliseum including the very first Superbowl (AFL-NFL Championship Game), Nelson Mandela’s sold-out rally in 1990 following his release from prison, and ​​Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the U.S.A’ last show in 1985. The Coliseum in itself is also a historic landmark built as a memorial to all those who served in World War 1 in the US Armed Forces.


2. California Casinos

If you’re looking to have the full LA experience, then visiting one of California’s best entertainment destinations is a must. With 62 different casinos found around all 27 counties in the State of California, your options are endless and the opportunity for good fortune is high! When choosing your casino, you might want to make reference to online casinos to know what to expect and try out different California-based online casino games before visiting their land-based counterparts. Obviously, it is impossible for visitors to be able to attend all 62 land-based casinos California has to offer and Thesportsdaily guide of CA online casinos compared, covering both top land-based and online casinos, providing you with the pros and cons of each, to ensure that you find the one best suited for you.


3. Hollywood Walk of Fame 

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a great start to your trip, allowing you to enjoy more than 2,700 embedded stars along Hollywood Boulevard, with the oldest stars dating back all the way to 1958 – making this a part of the city’s history. As you walk along with the stars you will also find restaurants and coffee shops that have all been visited by different celebrities throughout the years. Here you can find greats such as Louis Armstrong, Jennifer Anniston, Steve Allen, Ben Bernie, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Phil Collins, Duran Duran and so many more lined up for all those passing by to see. 

4. Playland Arcade 

If you are a fan of classic Arcade games such as PacMan, Pinball games, Donkey Kong, and more, Playland Arcade is the place for you!  Located on the Santa Monica Pier, this arcade dates back all the way to 1950 and has been a location site for many well-known films such as Forrest Gump, The Kissing Booth 2, Iron Man, The Glenn Miller Story, Titanic, Beverly Hills Cops 3, and more. This location is loved and visited by locals and tourists all around the world wanting to try their luck at over 200 different games with an experience like no other!

If you are a fan of pop culture, Gallery 1988 is the main hub for pop culture-inspired art showcasing a number of up-and-coming artists’ works in beautiful art exhibitions. Opened its doors in 2004, Gallery 1988 has become the most talked-about art Gallery in Los Angeles with celebrities like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Linkin Park, Nick Kroll and more making appearances to enjoy the art and witness the buzzing events talked about by all of LA. Gallery 1988 has also worked with shows and films such as Breaking Bad, LOST, Star Wars and more. If you are an artist looking to get inspiration or an art lover who simply wants to view or purchase works of art, then this is the place for you.


6. Paramount Pictures Studio

For all the film and TV show lovers, Los Angeles is home to the fifth oldest film studio in the world dating back to 1912. With audience loved shows and movies such as ‘This is Us’, ‘American Horror Story’, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation​´​, ‘ Little House on the Prairie’ all shot within these studios, this remains one of the most visited and loved destinations for tourists and locals. Visiting Paramount Pictures Studio means becoming a part of and witnessing one hundred and nine years of the film industry in all its glory – a golden opportunity! With special tours available, you can also witness behind the scenes of some of your favorite​​ TV sets, and who you’ll run into or what you’ll see is unpredictable!

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