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Play Online Casino and Monopoly Live in US

Live dealer casino games have been making waves recently in the USA. With players able to enjoy an immersive experience in their own homes, it’s not a shock this medium has been taken to a new level. Game show style games are becoming hugely popular, and we’ve taken a look at one of the latest of these style games, Monopoly Live.

Playing Monopoly Live Online

In order to enjoy Monopoly Live in your own home, you will first have to find an online casino to sign up to. You can find some great reviews of sites that offer live dealer games, by checking out This will give you the chance to choose the best site for your needs, and start playing Monopoly Live, and other live dealer titles right away. 

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Once you have signed up, you’ll also need to make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to deal with the live video stream. If it can handle it, then you’ll be ready to go right away. 

What does Monopoly Live have to Offer?

Monopoly is one of the most famous games in the world. In fact, there are people out there, that think it can teach us a lot about economics. While this might not always be the case, it is without a doubt a hugely fun game to play. Just like other versions of the game, Monopoly Live from Evolution Gaming really has a lot going for it. 

Firstly, it provides a real world host, who will take you through every aspect of the game. This game basically combines a wheel of fortune with Monopoly. It makes it one of the most enjoyable titles on the market. This is especially the case, as it makes you feel as though you’re competing on a TV game show, while also playing Monopoly at the same time. 

The wheel has a bet that allows players to make moves around the Monopoly board. This is where the biggest prizes in the game are available, and it can provide some fantastic payouts. However, even if you don’t place a wager on the different roll spaces, you can still grab some great wins in this game. 

Whichever piece you chose at the start of the game, will move around the board if your bet comes in on the wheel. This is a nice animation that can then award the relevant prize when it lands. What’s also great, is that the chance position will award everyone who is currently playing the game a reward. 

On the whole, this is a game that provides one of the best live gaming experiences on the market. If you’re looking for a fresh take on a classic with the chance to grab some fantastic wins, then this is definitely the game for you. 

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