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The 12 Easiest League of Legends Champions for Beginners

League of Legends is a complex game with many different mechanics and combos that beginners can find challenging to manage. That’s why it can be helpful to choose one of the easier League of Legends champions to play when starting out. These champions typically have more straightforward abilities and combos that are easier to learn and manage.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a new champion to master, sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. There are a lot of different reasons why players might want to choose to play the easiest League of Legends champions. For one, it can be a great way to learn about the game and all of its mechanics. Additionally, playing easier champions can give you more time to focus on your gameplay rather than managing complex abilities or combos. Ultimately, playing more accessible champions can make the game more fun and rewarding for everyone involved.

What are the easiest league of legends champions? Some of these champions are perfect for players who want to focus on team fights and don’t need much experience or finesse in lane-pushing roles. Others will suit more experienced players looking for a challenge that isn’t too frustrating but still requires some skill of last hitting minions with basic attacks and using spells effectively.

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You don’t need to know much about the game, or anything at all for that matter. You can hop right into it and play these champions with ease! They’re not too difficult to learn how to use, and they have a low level of difficulty when it comes to mastering them as well. So are you ready? Let’s go!

1: Annie

Annie is an easy champion to use and one of the most popular ones for beginner players. She has a low cooldown on her spells, so you don’t have to worry about managing your mana or anything complicated. Her full combo deals a tremendous amount of burst damage with a stun to ensure no one escapes.

2 Heimerdinger

If you don’t want the responsibility for managing lanes, then this one is perfect. All he does is push a lane. Heimerdinger is a very underplayed champion, so if you play him, people might not expect it at all, and they’ll have to think of how to counter or handle your push. Let the turrets do their jobs!

3: Malzahar

Malzahar’s kit screams easy mode. His abilities are fairly simple yet powerful, making them perfect for beginners.

4: Morgana

Morgana is another popular champion on this list. She has a lot of crowd control which can be great for team fights, and she’s also really good at protecting the AD Carry in lane if you’re soloing or laning with someone else. Her kit makes her an easy champion to use, although it does take some time before you get used to using spells like Dark Binding and Soul Shackles effectively.

5: Teemo

Teemo might sound counterintuitive when considering how easy he is because his kit doesn’t make sense at first glance (blindness? poison?). But once you play him more, start noticing patterns and find ways around them, then it starts being easier! He’ll become much less frustrating once you know what to do.

6: Vladimir

Vladimir might be tricky when you first start playing, but once you get a hang of using your Transfusion spell effectively, everything becomes much easier. You’ll mostly be farming in lane or pushing waves until late game instead of fighting or roaming all the time.

7: Janna

Janna is a fantastic support champion that’s easy to use. She doesn’t have a hard crowd control ability or damage spell. She has the ability to shield allies and slow enemies, which makes her very simple compared to others on this list. The only skill you need to practice is Howling Gale which requires certain angles and predictions to knock the enemies in the air.

8: Garen

Garen is a great champion for beginners to use. He has one of the best kits out there because he can kill enemies with ease, and when they all gang up on him, his passive will activate, giving you tons of life-steal as well!

9: Yuumi

Yuumi is an excellent champion to use for beginners. She has some really good crowd control and can do quite well in the lane as well. If you’re more of an auto-attacker, she might be perfect for you! Her kit makes her very simple but still effective at the same time. However, one thing worth mentioning about Yuumi is that she needs mana, so managing it will be important when using her – especially before or during fights or where gaining back your mana quickly may not happen easily.

10: Warwick

Warwick might seem difficult at first, but he becomes much easier after learning how his abilities work. He’s great at ganking other lanes and securing kills, making him perfect for beginners looking to learn more about team play. He also has a lot of sustain in the jungle or lane, which can be helpful when trying to stay in the game for more extended periods of time.

11: Ahri

Ahri is another champion that might seem complex at first, but she becomes much easier to play after learning how her abilities work. She has a lot of crowd control, and her kit makes her good at chasing down enemies or escaping from them. One thing to note about playing Ahri is that you need to be careful when using her Charm ability because if it’s used too carefree or incorrectly, it can lead to your death instead.

12: Master Yi

Master Yi is a popular champion for beginners to use. He has a lot of damage and can easily take down enemies in fights. When playing him, you’ll want to make sure that you’re constantly harassing your opponents and trying to get them low so that you can take them down quickly in the late game. Positioning is everything with Master Yi, so try not to be too reckless even with Alpha Strike ready.

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