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Promising Crypto Projects You Should Definitely Follow to in 2022

The potential of cryptocurrency can be hardly measured. This industry is very perspective and millions of people are surely aware of that. They earn digital money every day to exchange or trade it later and thus earn more. It is always vital to define the right platforms to invest in. if you find them, you will surely enjoy success.

For example, you may visit to find out the most recent news about the crypto industry. Thus, you will be armed with the necessary information to make your investment successful. We have also used its relevant data and have outlined 5 promising crypto projects, which will be very beneficial in the year 2022.

Himo World

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Our informative review starts with a strategic game called Himo World. It offers PVE and PVP battles. You will enjoy a great variety of contests, heroes, tools, upgrades, and so on. You will get tons of fun and many tokens. On average, the main benefits are:

  • 100% decentralized and customized;
  • Backed up by multiple crypto platforms;
  • Great chances to establish beneficial partnerships;
  • Private sales;
  • Various missions, heroes, and events for fun;
  • Useable and convenient interface;
  • A great variety of chances to earn coins;
  • Advanced and beneficial staking.
  • Rapid development.


The next crypto project on our list is known as Diabolo. Some folks even mess it up with a famous video game with a pretty similar name – Diablo. What is so interesting about Diabolo? It is one of the safest crypto brands right now. It regularly studies the market tendencies and so provides trustworthy information. You will never lose more than 35% of the total income. However, this happens rarely.

On average, it offers the next benefits:

  • Low risks in trading operations;
  • Frequent updates of the news in the industry;
  • Profitable staking and high scalability;
  • An in-depth analysis of the current market tendencies;
  • Training courses for crypto lovers;
  • Direct communication with verified traders.

Nunu Spirits

Give heed to Nunu Spirits and you won’t be disappointed. It is a funny game with smart creatures. They will help you to reduce the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere to rescue our nature. When you win, you earn tokens. Make allowances for the benefits offered by this crypto game:

  • Beneficial staking;
  • Fair fees;
  • No gatekeepers;
  • No hidden fees;
  • Freedom of choice and action;
  • Low risks of investments;
  • The use of NNT and ETH tokens;
  • Frequent updates and upgrades;
  • The use of blockchain and NFT.

Hubble Protocol

You should also consider trying the benefits offered by Hubble Protocol. It is a well-known crypto brand with multiple perspectives for crypto followers. It always puts the interests of its clients in the first place.

Mind that you have the prerogative of borrowing tokens at a 0.5% fee. It’s a one-time proposal, and you will hardly find a similar one elsewhere. Besides, the platform offers many other benefits. You will be content with a great variety of partners, famous brands, and so on. Let’s check its main benefits and guarantees:

  • High and fair payments;
  • Support by famous partners;
  • Equal chances for all clients;
  • No hidden fees;
  • Customization according to your needs;
  • Collaboration with trustworthy brands;
  • No gatekeepers.


Finally, we have come to another great project called GemUni. It utilizes launchpad technology, which is advanced and uses no gatekeepers. It means you are in full charge of the actions and will meet no limits. It is vital to develop fast. You will enjoy a great variety of games as well. Here are its major benefits:

  • Fully customizable;
  • Launchpad technology without gatekeepers;
  • Different kinds of games to satisfy every gamer; 
  • Great possibilities for having partnerships;
  • The best return rates and no hidden fees.

Summing Up

We have reviewed 5 incredible crypto projects for you. Each has its specific after its own fashion and so may suit your business style. Study each in detail to figure out which one suits you the best.

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