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Shows That You Can Totally Binge-Watch This Weekend: By A Netflix Fan

The term binge has become a household name now!

With on-demand content everywhere, we are seeing people finishing series in a matter of days, and seasons are a matter of hours.

However, not all shows can be binged.

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You can force yourself, but you will never enjoy it. So, have you just finished watching one and just waiting for the next binge-worthy series? 

Then you have reached the right place. We have scoured the internet left and right and taken the best advice from cinephiles all over the world to get to the best shows for your next binge session.

So, get your device ready, turn off the lights and prepare to binge till morning!

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Shows You Can Start Watching Right Away!

If you check the playlist of all the cinephiles in the world, you will definitely find some of these series in the list.

Recommend this list for your next binging session, and it is a guarantee from us that you won’t be disappointed!

1. Fleabag

It is a one-woman show almost everyone could relate to!

Written, acted, and directed by the phenomenally talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this award-winning show can make your weekend!

It is a two-season limited series, and you wouldn’t want to wait to finish it. The comical relief through the tragic reality of life will make you wonder whether to laugh or just stare at the screen with awe.

The best part about the show is definitely Fleabag breaking the third wall; you are not just an audience; you are a part of her life as well.

2. SquidGame

This critically acclaimed show of 2021 is already prepared for another season!

So, there is no better time than this weekend to catch up with the first season if you haven’t yet watched it. This is that one show which is bound to keep you hooked for hours.

This show follows your regular game with the twist of life and death, but the exceptional storyline and the commendable acting skills make this series worth the watch.

3. Game Of Thrones

Yes, this is not a short series, but have you ever tried binging GOT!

If not, then you will understand why we have put this show on our list. Every Game of Thrones fan will vouch for it that this is not a series you watch with beaks.

Yes, watching all the six seasons in one go won’t be physically possible, but two whale days matched with a Friday night will be enough. After all, the integrating stories of nine families fighting for one throne are worth the binge.

Plus, the twists and turns are bound to keep you at the edge of your seat.

4. Hannibal

Hannibal has received a lot of criticism before, especially for not being able to match up with its super hit parent film following the same novel.

But, it is only a true ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ fan who can understand the series’s beauty and exceptional cinematography.

The series follows the life of Will Graham, the talented FBI, and his quest to find the notoriously violent killer.

5. The Witcher

You cannot miss this series if you are a fan of the game!

You won’t be disappointed!

They scoop out the true essence of the game and put it together perfectly in the series. The phenomenal acting of Henry Cavil as the famous Witcher combating terrifying monster is worth all the accolades.

The second season is already out. So, what are you waiting for?

Go binge it right away!

A Weekend Of Binge!

There you have it, not just one but five new tv series that you can binge for the weekend!

Get downloading right away, and you will be all ready for the weekend.

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