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Top Cricket News Sources: How to Know Everything About the Game?

Cricket is a special sport that never becomes monotonous. The more you dive into it, the more you enjoy it. There are major portals that are continuously breaking cricket news round the clock. Following these will get you valuable insights to improve your game if you like playing it. Cricket updates also help in improving fantasy sports selection and increase your odds of winning. These are some websites that will give you better control of the game both on and off the field:

1. SportsCafe: Everything in one place

This website is your one-stop destination for everything with the latest news, fantasy updates, and post-match analysis. SportsCafe brings you a wide range of cricket coverage with a simple interface. The website offers a lot of other sports as well, but the cricket section is particularly noteworthy. With the latest cricket news in the feed, you can never go wrong. Scroll through the website, and you’ll find articles about the teams, the form, the match insights, and current rankings. Using it is simple and hassle-free, and you’ll never have to worry about missing today cricket match. You’ll always know who played a valiant knock and/or which bowler got rid of the danger-man with a jaffa.        

2. Cricbuzz: Easy and simple

Cricbuzz is a platform that has everything in it. It brings to you the stats from every cricket match. Be it from the past or the present; you can always find what you need. And it is a website that is breaking cricket news regularly. Cricketing action becomes more exciting when you have your hands on a variety of statistics. Wagon-wheels, Manhattans, and the playing XIs on both sides, Cricbuzz has it all.  

3. ESPN Cricinfo: The mastery of ESPN’s cricket broadcast

ESPN is a renowned name, especially in the cricketing arena. Their website offers the user a lot of data in one place. It is interactive, offers ball-to-ball coverage of the match, and helps one stay updated about the game. Perks such as player comparison, country-by-country, and team-specific records are also available. It is free and easy to use, and you’ll have enough breaking cricket news. 

4. SportStar The Hindu

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The Hindu is a popular English news daily in India. Its cricket section, Sport-Star, is a delight in itself. This platform offers a variety of sports, but the post-match cricket analysis makes it different. The write-ups are well articulated, and cricket fans will enjoy reading these. Sports Star provides you with the latest cricket scores and matches favorites to give you a better view of the game. The credibility of The Hindu adds to the confidence cricketing fans have on this portal.

5. Sportskeeda: 

This website is special, and the name is not the only reason for it. It provides structured information regarding cricket matches alongside articles about the game. Sportskeeda has videos, podcasts, magazines, and columns, among other lagniappes. These make the platform unique and interesting for users who look for breaking cricket news.      

6. The sports section of the Indian Express        

This may sound cliché, but newspapers are still in the race for providing the best cricket news. Indian Express’ sports section is enlightening for anyone who wishes to know more about cricket. The columns here are written by seasoned cricketers and analysts whose insights can also improve your fantasy game. Indian Express’ website offers articles related to cricket and live scores of ongoing matches. All it takes to reach it is a google search saying “Indian Express Today’s cricket match”.

Conclusion: Live the game, and you’ll know it better

If you wish to improve your fantasy sports or your on-field performance, you need to do your research. The cricket game becomes more exciting the more you dive into it. These websites are merely a hack to knowing the game, and nothing works as long as you do. Follow your favorite sources, favorite players, keep emotions at bay when watching cricket and decide only on merits. If X is a player you don’t like, and X’s cover drives are considered the best, then you’ll need to appreciate the same. She/He may not be the best for you, but facts do not depend on your perception. 

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