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How Automated Testing Is Used In Game Development?

If you are a game tester, you’re probably looking for how to simplify your work. Combining your love for game testing with automation can make you more efficient and productive. Besides, it will play a significant role in helping your company create games with a longer lifespan than before.

However, many gaming testers don’t know how to incorporate test automation into game development effectively. If you are struggling to infuse it into your strategy, then this article is for you. It will discuss everything about automated testing in game development.

You will also learn how you and your team can effectively implement automated testing in the game development process.

Here’s all you should know.

What’s The Benefit of Automated Testing in Game Development?

Before you think of implementing automated testing, you should know why you need it. Well, every company or software tester adopts automated testing for various reasons. But then, let’s examine why it is important to use test automation tools for game testing.

  • Cost Savings

One reason to automate testing in game development is to save costs—manual testing bars testers from conducting repetitive tests. However, bringing automation tools into the process makes it possible to cut the overall testing costs in the long term.

Many testers shy off from using automated testing because of its initial costs. Well, the reality is that automated testing isn’t expensive as a whole. You can save a lot of money if you can adopt and infuse it into your game development process.

  • Faster Development and Delivery Speeds

It would be best to consider using automation testing software in game development because of its fast speeds. Manual testing involves humans from the first to the last step of the process. With automated testing, you introduce automation tools that can work faster than humans.

Automation testing software in game development is a time saver irons out bugs faster. With these tools, you could end up reducing the time spent to deliver and investing it in developing more games. In the end, you get to deliver more high-quality software that meets the market demand. As a result, you make your customers happy with a bug free experience while gaming.

  • Better Test Accuracy and Higher Game Quality

Another significant benefit of automated testing is that it increases testing accuracy. As a tester, you know that the better the accuracy, the higher the chances of finding bugs. Also, the earlier you note bugs and fix them, the better the experiences users will have with your game.

Thus, automated testing impacts the quality of games released to the market. This, in turn, translates to higher client satisfaction and good reputations. Many game developers and testers are adopting test automation tools for this reason.

How To Use Automated Testing In Game Development

The question for many software testers is how they can get automated testing into game development. It is easy to access  test automation tools today. Testers can use them to ensure high-quality software. But then, infusing it into game development, as a beginner, isn’t easy.

Here’re three ways you can use automated testing in game development.

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  • Conducting Basic Tests

You can incorporate automated testing in game development by using it for basic tests. Testers who have used automated testing tools for basic tests have won big in the past. Basic tests, in this case, include using automation software to create characters for your games and test them.

Also, you can use automated testing tools to run UI tests. But these must only be scriptable tests to make the process easier and faster. Such tests help testers compare the behavior of the games that they develop with the expected behaviors under different circumstances.

  • Simulate MMO Server Transactions

Using automated testing tools to test your massively multiplayer online (MMO) game server is also possible. Like UI tests, it helps to simulate typical MMO server transactions to get the best view that will help you compare actual game behavior with the expected.

Besides, automated testing allows testers to change the testing circumstances. It gives you, the tester, a better chance of comparing your game’s performance under different circumstances. In the end, you get to increase your game’s performance and security.

  • Check For Bugs
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Another way to get automated testing into your game development process is by using automation testing tools to check for bugs. Finding bugs earlier in the game development process makes it easy to correct them. It also helps make it easier for game developers to meet customer expectations.

But then, manual testing can make it difficult to detect all bugs in a game. It is tedious and time-consuming, making it ineffective for most companies. That’s why more software testers and game development companies are adopting automation testing tools and implementing them.

  • Compare Performances

Game developers must ensure consistency in their processes. The best way to ensure this is by comparing product development performances. For instance, you can compare aspects of the games you have in the market with the ones you’re currently developing.

Also, you can compare your performances with your competitors’. Start by identifying the areas that you need to measure then write a checklist of what you can automate. You can then deploy automated testing tools to help you measure those metrics, then compare and analyze them.


Incorporating automated testing in your plans is one of the best ways to increase productivity. As a software tester, you understand how tedious manual testing can be. It can be even more daunting when testing games because of the many aspects that require testing.

The good news is that you can automate various game testing functions easily. All you need is to find the right testing tools and have the skills to utilize them. Then, you’ll need to identify the testing aspects that you can automate to make game development more rewarding.

This article has provided essential insights that can help you utilize test automation tools more efficiently. It has discussed the benefits of automating tests in game development. It has also explored how you can get automated testing into your game development plan.

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