Haida Gets Serious in “Aggretsuko” Season 4 Trailer

Netflix released a trailer for season 4 of “Aggretsuko” along with the date it will be dropping on the platform. The trailer is exciting for fans because we’re finally going to see Haida come out of his shell. All this time we’ve been waiting for him to do SOMETHING, and it looks like he’s ready to grab the world and run with it.

Until now, Haida has been dragging his feet on the whole liking Retsuko thing. Last season we got to see him apply himself a little and it definitely left fans wanting to see more. This new season shows a lots going on in the world of “Aggretsuko” with new faces at the company that Haida and Retsuko both work for. Haida seems to be getting pretty close to the new company higher up and the trailer even shows them working out together. He may be ready now to take on a new position within the company and hopefully Retsuko will begin to see him in a new light.

Aggretsuko” seasons 1-3 are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 4 will premiere on December 16th, 2021.