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Fan-Made “Star Wars” Animated Short Looks Like a Deleted Scene

On physical media releases, you can usually expect to find things like commentary and deleted scenes. Sometimes those scenes are rough around the edges and other times they’re perfect. A group of “Star Warsfans have created a scene of Storm Troopers battling Droids that looks like it could have been included in one of the films. Using Unreal Engine and various tidbits from “Star Wars Battlefront 2” and “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” Frostbite Cinematics created something beautiful.

When we’re talking about quality the cinematic score and the effects look and sound like something Lucasfilm’s would produce. The storyline, follows Storm Troopers up against a horde of Droids. Knowing that Storm Troopers generally fail and die, this short is called “Against All Odds.” There’s a pretty uplifting ending despite the multiple deaths that occur in the beginning. They created this as a submission for the Cinematic Captures fan film competition.

“Our first attempt at a film, made in 2 months as part of the Cinematic Captures fan film competition,” the team said. “Missing content due to the deadline but we hope you enjoy either way.”

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Frostbite Cinematics has uploaded this to their channel but state that they will be releasing other group projects on Wireframe Cinematics.

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