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That’s Not A Lava Lamp- It’s A Groovy Costume!

When I first looked at this costume, I thought it was actually a lava lamp. The lighting and the movement looked just like one if it were turned on. It wasn’t until a second glance that I realized that a person was inside.

On Imgur, tragopandemonium shared an amazing costume of themselves dressed up as a lava lamp.They used materials like polycarbonate for the viewing glass. They built the ring with LED lights and attached it to a harness so they could walk around with it attached to their waist. I never thought I would ever see a “sexy lava lamp” costume but lo and behold, here it is.

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Check out how they built it by clicking here. My favorite part is the little drawing they included of the concept design. I wonder if they dreamed about this and then made it happen.. seems like something my brain would come up with anyway. Kind of random but incredibly cool.

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