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RUMOR: Marvel Studios May Finally be Working on Nova Movie

We want to start by pointing out that this is so deep in rumor territory, we almost didn’t write about it. Such is the case with certain ‘source’ outlets. No, not WGTC or Illumi, but another kinda like them.

BUT, the reason we will actually report this as a rumor is ComicBook bigwig Brandon Davis, the biggest Nova fan out there, shared the story. So, that’s worth mentioning. Also, back in 2018, Kevin Feige did say there was “immediate potential” for a Nova film. Obviously that hasn’t happened yet, though.

According to CB, Geeks World Wide (again, dubious source at best) is claiming knowledge of new possible Marvel Studios projects in the works. Not to knock fellow online journalists, but, GWW is constantly getting corrected by creators for false headlines. (Like James Gunn refuting their “breaking news” headlines via Twitter.)

The ‘report’ claims projects like Thunderbolts, Nova, and even a “Black Panther” spinoff project focusing on Okoye are coming.

We have heard rumblings of all these things in the past, so, maybe it’s just a continuation of those rumors.

Needless to say, we’ll let you know if we hear anything factual about these and other possible projects.

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